We Found Love
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Vaja — We Found Love (Radio Edit)
Release date : Sept. 01, 2013
Label : Vaja Music
  1. We Found Love (Radio Edit)


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Vaja has released her new single & music video ‘We Found Love,’ on August 28th 2013. Written by Vaja & Parlange Jesus, Produced by Eduardo Moises, Vaja & Parlange Jesus, Co-Production by Dapper and Mastering by Misjah van der Heiden of 24Mastering (Netherlands), ‘We Found Love’ is one of 5 new tracks included on Vaja’s second EP ‘Inertia’ which will released in 2014.

Vaja’s critically acclaimed music video ‘We Found Love’ Directed by Kimberly Metz is sure to dazzle those who expect a little something extra in their music. Dream like images from around the world will astound the viewer and give music lovers a breath of fresh air that there are still real musicians out there. The video features a cameo appearance of the rare Bengal Tiger featured in the award winning film “Gladiator.”

‘We Found Love’ is a musical extravaganza, a dream within a dream, underscored by a host of todayʼs top companies that settle for nothing but the best in their products and the musicians they sponsor. PRS Guitars, Ultimate Ears, Taylor Guitars, Mesa Boogie, Schaller Electronic, Coffin Case and many others have stood by Vaja since day one and with their help have catapulted her into the heavens where we can all bear witness to the beauty of her dreams.

‘We Found Love’ music video is now playing on YouTube: youtube.com/vajamusic

Purchase ‘We Found Love’ on iTunes.com/vaja